BNBwithMe is a property management company

that can talk trade with the best of them. But underneath all the official stuff, we’re tried and true Nashvillians—and we have been for decades. Our people know the front roads, the back roads and all the scenic bypasses in between. We also know the folks who live, work and play on them. Which makes doing business in Nashville mighty fun for us, and a whole lot easier for you.

It’s all part of the benefits of having neighbors you can count on.

Meet the Me

Step into the BNBwithMe head office and you’ll find none other than Music City producer April Dace. With more than sixteen years of experience in the entertainment industry, April has orchestrated countless music videos, commercials, documentaries and so on. She’s also a natural-born hostess who loves taking care of people—whether that’s on a photo shoot or in one of her thoughtfully crafted Nashville homes.

Eight years ago, April decided to combine her local know-how with her love of serving others and bought her first BNB property. Today, she owns three rentals in some of the city’s hottest neighborhoods, and manages numerous more.

Meet the (hand-picked) team

These are just some of the faces that keep everything running smoothly.

  • April Dace
    April Dace Owner
  • Nick Gresock
    Nick Gresock Owner
  • Lindsey Gresock
    Lindsey Gresock Lead Business Administrator
  • Megen Minter
    Megen Minter Lead Staging
  • Levente Szoboszlai
    Levente Szoboszlai Lead Property Maintenance
  • Gary Perizzo
    Gary Perizzo CFO


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